Use photos from your trips to create unique clothes

Use photos from your trips to create unique clothes

When you visit a foreign country, you normally take a lot of photos of different landmarks. What happens with these photos afterwards? Why not use them to create clothes with your own memories? If you think this is a good idea and want to do it, read next!

Dress with the Monument of liberty, Ruse, Bulgaria
Dress with the Monument of liberty, Ruse, Bulgaria

Nixita Dress to impress offers print-on-demand clothes and accessories with clients’ photos and drawings through the online shop They have different models suitable for kids from 3 years old to women up to 4XL size. There are also men’s Hawaiian shirts.

Men's Hawaiian shirt with photos from Tokyo, Japan
Men’s Hawaiian shirt with photos from Tokyo, Japan

Beautiful scarves from chiffon are also offered in sizes 140×90 cm, 140×50 cm and 90×90 cm.

The products are printed with sublimation, which creates absolutely zero waste. There is no need for water in the dyeing process. Sublimation is used on polyester, which is recyclable.

Women’s dress with photos from Silvia’s trip to Tokyo, Japan

“We care about our planet. We use sublimation to print on polyester to create our dresses and scarves. The heat transfer sublimation printing process is an eco-friendly and completely sustainable printing technique. It is simple and efficient in creating bright and colorful prints on fabric. It is a fantastic technique that’s used by top fashion designers all over the world.“, says the founder, Silvia Kabaivanova. “Clothes are printed after an order is made, so we are not wasting materials for production, that is not sold and our production is sustainable.”

Some models are produced with recycled polyester, which makes them even more sustainable.

The advantage of designing your clothes and accessories many:
– you keep your memories on a piece of clothing or an accessory
– you create original presents for your friends and family
– you can create matching designs with other products
– you possess unique products that no one else has
– you are having fun

Personalization is a big trend that will become more and more popular. It is a great feeling to be unique and know that you are the product creator.

Silvia and her daughter made drawings for several dresses. They traveled together to European cities and took photos in front of the sights they pictured – Casa Batllo in Barcelona, the Toy Museum in Munich, and Turin, Italy.

A model poses with Silvia’s Barcelona dress and a matching phone case

“The products we offer are giving happiness to people, that’s what I like most. We have created dresses for kids with their drawings, we have produced dresses with photos of beautiful places that mean something to their owners. Recently, we created a scarf with the family coat of arms repeated on the fabric. Our clients are from the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Bulgaria, and other countries all over the world”, adds Silvia.

If you want to join this trend, you can visit or the brand’s Etsy shop.

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