How to kayak in Komodo National Park?

How to kayak in Komodo National Park?

Are you one of the many who dream of visiting the beautiful island chain that is Indonesia? If you answered yes, why not spend a few days kayaking around Komodo National Park on your next visit. You don’t want to regret not kayaking in Komodo National Park or going for a komodo sailing trip? Then grab your paddle and keep reading.


Just because you’re on another continent doesn’t mean it has to be hard. We found our tour from Semarapura, which is in Bali. Ships leave every day of the week for this fifteen-hour tour through the waters surrounding Komodo Island. We wanted to be adventurous, so we booked a tour that was seven days long. If you’re short on time, you can make the one-day boat trip.


No need to worry about wearing your swimming suit under your clothes for this trip – it’s not going to be an adventure down any waterfalls. But if you thought that means no fun either.

Here are some helpful tips for first-time adventurers to remember before launching their kayak into the ocean surrounding Komodo Island.

Bring plenty of sunscreens

One thing that most people don’t remember is to bring sun protection with them on the water. It might seem obvious, but accidents do happen. One trick I learned from my father was to tuck sunscreen under my life vest, so it’s always available at a moment’s notice without having to dig through my backpack. It sounds like common sense now, but if you’ve ever climbed aboard a kayak after forgetting the sunscreen, you know it’s easier said than done.

Know your limits

As with any adventure, it’s essential to set one’s limitations and not over-exert themselves. One good rule of thumb is to take regular breaks when rowing in open water or against currents.

Know your current location

It’s always important to stay aware of your surroundings when on the water to avoid getting lost in an area where no one will find you if something goes wrong—which brings us to our next point.

Bring a buddy

Kayaking solo in Komodo National Park’s calm waters may seem like the best idea at the time, but what if something happens? Any trouble or injury can cause panic, which is an easy way to lose your balance and end up in the water. The odds of drowning increase dramatically when you’re alone since there’s no one around to help drag your body out of the water if that were to happen.

Know the tides

Most people don’t consider how high and low each tide will go before kayaking Komodo National Park during their visit. It is essential for first-time adventurers and inexperienced kayakers who might not understand how quickly a strong current can impact their stability while rowing against it. Always check with local rangers or tour to know precisely where high and low tide is for the day, then plan your trip accordingly.

Bring a camera

It’s one of the most common pieces of advice given to anyone going on a kayaking trip: always bring a waterproof camera with you. A good digital camera can be picked up at most electronics stores and, if they’re waterproof, will have no problems when exposed to water throughout your kayaking session. The Komodo National Park area surrounding the islands is lovely, so taking pictures of it from various angles is always a great idea.

Stay together at all times

As mentioned before, staying aware of where everyone in your group is during your visit to Komodo National Park can keep injuries or accidents to a minimum. Always stay within eyesight of each other if possible and follow instructions of local rangers or tour guides at all times.

Only go on tours with reputable companies

Last but not least, always make sure to use only reputable tour companies when kayaking around Komodo Island. Even though the waters surrounding this UNESCO World Heritage site are calm, it’s still important to have someone nearby who knows what they’re doing if anything were to happen. With these helpful tips, your next time visiting Komodo National Park will be more enjoyable than ever before.

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