Why Choose a Serviced Apartment When Visiting Northern Ireland?

Why Choose a Serviced Apartment When Visiting Northern Ireland?

If you are planning on visiting Northern Ireland, a serviced apartment may be the most beneficial to you. Serviced apartments are often in prime locations and depending on your group size, may be the cheapest choice. Below we look at the many benefits of choosing a serviced apartment, rather than a hotel or B&B for your trip to Northern Ireland.

Feel Right at Home

If you don’t feel comfortable in a hotel, a serviced apartment can feel like a home away from home whilst on holiday. With a private space for you and your loved ones, you can wake up in the morning and head to the kitchen for breakfast in your pyjamas. When in a hotel, you must get ready and head down to breakfast first thing, and often if you don’t get down early enough, you miss the breakfast buffet. Serviced apartments also offer Wi-Fi and a TV to keep everyone occupied, whereas most hotels now charge additional costs for internet usage. Many serviced apartments are pet-friendly too, meaning you can take your family dog to Northern Ireland with you.

Cost Effective

If you are planning on travelling to Northern Ireland in a larger group or have a big family, the cost of different hotel rooms alongside the cost of eating out every day can soon add up. Serviced apartments are charged per apartment, rather than per person, meaning you could save a lot by booking an apartment. You also have the added extra of your own kitchen, meaning you can cook meals. When you are constantly going out for food every night for a week, you could soon be spending 100s of pounds.


If you prefer a space with privacy, a hotel just doesn’t cut it. Being able to relax in your own space, rather than having to trek down the hall to your friend’s room every time you want to see them, makes for a better trip. If you own a business and need to work for a few hours, you can go off into another room with no disturbances.


If you want to be right in the action, being in the middle of the city is your best choice. Many serviced apartments are in prime locations, meaning you can be at the shops or bars within 5 minutes. Whilst these apartments may be more expensive due to location, once you factor in the cost of taxis to and from town, you can see why many choose to stay in the town centres. Dream Apartments, the leading serviced apartment provider in Northern Ireland, are planning to create more apartments across the UK in the best locations. For more information on these apartments, check out Northern Ireland Chamber Of Commerce.

When planning your trip to Northern Ireland, a serviced apartment can offer many home comforts including a kitchen, TV and Wi-Fi. A serviced apartment allows you to save money on restaurant prices and stay together as a group in your own private space. With so many benefits, it is no wonder that serviced apartments are becoming one of the leading places to stay.

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